In Naoussa you will strongly feel the harmonic combination of the cosmopolitan life style and tradition. This quaint fishing village, the white stone paved alleys and arches, the blue and white old chapels, the elegant shops,restaurants and "ouzeris", the venetian castle and the local market with the fresh local products attract the visitors at first sight. Naoussa's Bay offers an incredible scenery,included the most famous beaches Kolimbithres and Monastiri, which attract people from all over the world because of their unique natural beauty.

Church of Ekatontapiliani

The church of Ekatontapiliani (the church with the hundred gates) is the oldest orthodox church in East and the most important Byzantine monument in Greece. It was founded by St. Helen, the mother of St. Constantin, the empiror of Constantinopel. The old byzantine icons and the Byzantine museum are unique. It is open all day until 8 in the evening. The Museum is open every day 10.00-14.00 and 18.00-21.00

Archaelogical Museum

The archaeological museum of Paros exhibits six thousnads years of history. The parian marble dominates in the exhibits and sculptures. It is located near the church of Ekatontapiliani and it is open daily 8.30-15.00, except for Monday.

Ancient Marble Quarries in Marathi

The ancient marble quarries,where the famous Parian marble was used to be excavated in antiquity, are a proof of the ancient history of Cyclades. Ancient Cemetery The Ancient Cemetery in Parikia is one of the oldest cemeteries in Cyclades and it was used from the 8th century BC until the 3rd century AD.

Agia Anna Hill

On the hill of Agia Anna there are the ancient ruins of Delion, Asklepeion and Pytheion temple.

Venetial Castle

The Venetian Castle located at the fishing port in Naoussa is one of the most interesting sights of Paros.

Lefkes and the church of Agia Triada

Lefkes is one of the nicest villages on Paros, situated on a hill. The traditional architecture, the narrow alleys, the houses with the small terrasses and gardens, the traditional pastry shops, the local taverns and the amazing church of Agia Triada, made from Parian marble, will for sure impress you.

Byzantine Path The Byzantine Path is an amazing experience for those who like hiking.Follow the Byzantine Path from Lefkes to Prodromos and enjoy the pure nature!

Butterfly Valley (Petaloudes)

Visitors have got the oportunity to see thousands of butterflies in a green natural park with lush vegetation and running waters.